Which walking stick is right for you?

Foldable walking stick

Which walking stick is right for you?

If you need to use a walking stick, whether for the short term as you recover from an injury or permanently, you need to choose the right one. There are lots of different options, but everyone has their own unique needs. You will need to use one that gives you the right support whilst also being comfortable. For many people, a foldable walking stick will be the best option.


The first thing you will want to do when you look at walking sticks is decide on what material you want. Many people choose wooden ones because they are strong, long lasting, and available in many different woods. However, aluminium is a great alternative. The metal is even stronger but is still very light.


It is important to think about the shape of the stick too. Most of them are straight with a ferrule on the bottom to prevent them from flipping. However, you can find a few different shapes as well. One other option is a swan neck design. This is a good choice for people who need to put more weight on the stick. There are also tripod and tetrapod sticks that have extra legs to provide more stability.


Another crucial thing to think about is what kind of handle you want. It must be comfortable in the hand but also provide the necessary support. There are plenty of choices here, including traditional crooks, elegant Derby, Fischer, and ergonomic.

Non-foldable or folding walking stick?

A final choice to make is whether you want a non-foldable or folding stick. There are lots of advantages to choosing the latter, including the fact they are more adjustable and easier to carry and store. Some people believe that traditional sticks will be stronger because they are a single piece of wood or metal. However, folding ones can be equally strong, especially if you choose an aluminium one.

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Parkside Healthcare supplies a fantastic range of quality medical equipment. This includes diagnostics machines, furniture, and walking sticks. We have two options for the latter; a non-folding one and a folding walking stick. Both are sturdy, comfortable, and safe. They also have fantastic additional features with a light and alarm.

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