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Tips for using a non-contact thermometer

Non-contact thermometer

Tips for using a non-contact thermometer

A temperature check is one of the things many businesses are doing to help protect their staff and customers during the coronavirus pandemic. It can be a fast way of testing to see if anyone may have the virus or cold or flu symptoms. One of the best products to use here is a non-contact thermometer (NCIT). They are safer to use and allow rapid testing.

Minimising contact

The best thing about using NCITs is there is no need to touch the person you are testing. These devices measure the surface temperature of the skin. The user just points it at the forehead of the person.

The main advantage of zero contact is it reduces the risk of spreading an illness. This could easily happen if you touch someone who has it and then move on to touching the next person without properly disinfecting the thermometer. When it is something as highly transmissible as coronavirus, it is even more important to minimise this risk.

Think about the environment

While a non-contact thermometer is a really useful device, you need to be careful when using one. Most importantly you have to think about the environment to make sure the readings are accurate. If the environmental temperature is too high or too low it can skew the results. The humidity can also affect them. It is a good idea to place the device in the room for up to 30 minutes before use so it can acclimatise.


It is also wise to think about the impact some items of clothing can have on readings. If someone is wearing a head cover or hat it can increase the surface temperature of their forehead. This can give off a false high.

Manufacturer guidelines

If you do use a NCIT it is vital that you follow these guidelines. They will detail how to use the device, including the correct distance to be from the forehead. The guide will also have details for cleaning and disinfecting the device.

Ordering a non-contact thermometer

Parkside Healthcare is proud to offer a wide selection of high quality medical devices. We want to give clients easy access to equipment that could really help them during and after the coronavirus pandemic. You can order via our website and we will arrange fast delivery.

So, if you want a reliable non-contact thermometer, choose us. You can even get in touch if you have any questions about the model we offer.

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