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Medisure is a leading provider of medical products, disposables and accessories.

Over fifteen years ago, Medisure are was established to import high quality professional medical products and accessories at low cost to customers throughout the UK. We built our reputation with nurses, Doctors and other healthcare professionals on quality products at affordable prices.

Today Medisure proudly carries on the tradition of supplying innovative, state-of-the-art professional medical products to the healthcare industry worldwide, including hospitals, nursing homes and medical practices as well as mail-order to private homes.

Medisure has a full range of stethoscopes, aneroid sphygmomanometers, digital blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, nebulizers and much more. Our vibrant colours and patterns will brighten even the dreariest examining room.

Please browse our online store for popular medical equipment products. Alternatively you can contact us by telephone or email with your questions or orders. We welcome all enquiries both retail and wholesale.

We supply a wide range of daily living aids including portable nebulisers, Tens machines, pain relief devices, pedal exerciser, lightweight wheelchairs, hip protector, blood pressure alarms, pressure sensor alarms, thermometers and hay fever treatment as well as equipment for medical professionals including stethoscopes, doctor’s bags, hospital furniture, IV drip stands and much more.We welcome all enquiries both retail and wholesale. 

Please Contact us to enquire further.


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