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Patient wander alarms

What to do about wandering?

Caregivers need to take extra steps to look after anyone who is suffering with dementia. The condition can cause disorientation, forgetfulness, and a loss of visual guidance. As a result, the dementia sufferer may begin wandering. This could happen at any time of day or night. There can be a big risk of the person getting lost or hurt. It is therefore vital to take steps to reduce the chance of this. There are a number of things a [...]

Pedal exerciser

Should you buy a pedal exerciser?

Getting enough exercise can be difficult. You may have a busy life and struggle to find the time. Or you may suffer from a condition like arthritis that restricts your mobility. In either case, you may benefit from buying a pedal exerciser. They are easy to use and you can enjoy low impact exercise while sitting comfortably at a table or even on your sofa. (more…)

Contracture Orthosis Kit

What is Dupuytren’s Contracture?

Parkside Healthcare works hard to offer a great range of products to help people who suffer with various medical conditions. We can provide everything from physiotherapy equipment to diagnostics machines and furniture. There are lots of specialist products too, including a Contracture Orthosis Kit from AliMed. (more…)

OXY-3 Oximeter

Coronavirus sufferers may need to use an Oximeter

Monitoring your health is absolutely crucial if you are suffering from coronavirus. This can help you to get the correct treatment at the right time. A pulse oximeter is a device you may need to use to help you track your condition. Parkside Healthcare offers a fantastic model; the OXY-3 Oximeter. It is very easy to use, accurate, and cost effective. (more…)


Do you need to use a nebuliser at home?

People who suffer from lower airway respiratory problems like asthma and bronchiolitis rely on medication. It can help to treat symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and a build up of mucus. In some cases they may need a nebuliser to help them to take their medications. (more…)

Foldable walking stick

Which walking stick is right for you?

If you need to use a walking stick, whether for the short term as you recover from an injury or permanently, you need to choose the right one. There are lots of different options, but everyone has their own unique needs. You will need to use one that gives you the right support whilst also being comfortable. For many people, a foldable walking stick will be the best option. (more…)

Foldable IV Pole

Are you using the right kind of IV pole?

IV poles may seem like very simple pieces of equipment, but you should never underestimate how important they are. In fact, you should make sure you are using good quality ones. Parkside Healthcare can help here. We offer a great foldable IV pole that is suitable for use in various settings, including at home. (more…)

Non-contact thermometer

Tips for using a non-contact thermometer

A temperature check is one of the things many businesses are doing to help protect their staff and customers during the coronavirus pandemic. It can be a fast way of testing to see if anyone may have the virus or cold or flu symptoms. One of the best products to use here is a non-contact thermometer (NCIT). They are safer to use and allow rapid testing. (more…)