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Searching for the best quality IV stand UK-wide that you can trust? Look no further than Parkside Healthcare. Our range of products enables you to deliver world-class medical care at great prices.

Intravenous poles are devices designed to securely hold fluid bags or medicine that is given at a steady flow to a patient. The bag of fluid is hung onto a hook near the top of the IV pole, allowing the fluid to then run through a tube and into the patient’s veins.

Why choose Parkside?

Parkside Healthcare is a leading UK provider of medical products, disposables, and accessories. So, if you require an IV stand UK hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and even private homes swear by, rest assured we stock the most innovative, state-of-the-art, professional medical products to the healthcare industry.

We are proud to offer a wide range of different IV stands UK-wide, from a standard drip stand to a more unique foldable IV pole. This means, as a medical professional, you can choose the one right for your patient’s needs.

Want to free up some space inside your practice?

Thanks to an intelligent and sleek base construction, one of our most popular products, the IV Stand – ECO Space, is designed to efficiently give you more storage space. Not only this, but its convenient mobile design means that you can use it almost anywhere!

If you’re in need of something a little more compact at-home, then our foldable IV stand could be ideal. This is specifically designed for patients who require regular use when travelling. Because of its stability and sturdiness, this IV stand functions well for home utilisation.

Got a question? Feel free to contact our friendly advisors via phone or email with any queries you may have. As specialists in IV stands UK customers can count on, we welcome all enquiries – both retail and wholesale.

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    Foldable I.V. Pole

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    Foldable I.V. Pole

    The Foldable I.V. Pole is of simple construction and comfortable handling use for the home care quickly

    Applicable and space-saving storable thanks to its practical travel bag

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    IV Drip Stand - Eco Space

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    IV Drip Stand – Eco Space

    • effective infusion care by hanging safely IV-bottles and bags

    • mobile use: at the right time at the right place

    • space-saving storage thanks to an intelligent base construction

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    IV Pole /Drip Stand - Home Care

    iv pole
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    IV Pole /Drip Stand – Home Care

    Home Care IV Stand

    Simple & Quick to Assemble

    Height adjustment with Screw