Should you buy a pedal exerciser?

Pedal exerciser

Should you buy a pedal exerciser?

Getting enough exercise can be difficult. You may have a busy life and struggle to find the time. Or you may suffer from a condition like arthritis that restricts your mobility. In either case, you may benefit from buying a pedal exerciser. They are easy to use and you can enjoy low impact exercise while sitting comfortably at a table or even on your sofa.

What are the benefits?

This kind of light cardiovascular exercise can be beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

Better health

Even a few minutes of pedalling, either with the feet or hands, will increase your heart rate, blood circulation, get more oxygen to your muscles, and expend energy. As a result you will be burning calories. It will also improve your metabolism. Overall it will help to improve your general health.

Lower blood pressure

Many people struggle with high blood pressure, especially as they get older. However, regular cardiovascular exercise can help with this. The exercises will make your heart stronger so it can pump more blood. As a result it will lower your blood pressure.

Strength and muscle tone

As we said above, you can use a pedal exerciser to exercise with your hands or feet. That means you can target different muscle groups and make them stronger. Regular exercises will help to tone the muscles too.

Improving mood

Exercise is proven to release serotonin. This can improve your mood, reduce depression, and ease anxiety. It can also be really useful for improving self esteem.


According to the NHS around 10 million people in the UK suffer from arthritis or similar conditions. They can restrict mobility and even cause joint pain. Regular low impact exercise is very good here. It helps to improve flexibility and makes joints stronger. This can both ease the symptoms and also reduce the risk of someone getting arthritis.


Over time you may find that you start sleeping better because of the exercise and improvements in your health. Not everyone will find this, but many will. Those that do will see even bigger improvements in their wellbeing as they can get more rest.

Ordering a pedal exerciser

Parkside Healthcare offers a really great range of medical equipment for professional and home use. Our goal is to supply high quality products that will help people to manage living with various conditions.

So, if you have a condition that restricts your mobility or ability to exercise, why not try a pedal exerciser? Even starting with just a few light workouts can really help improve your health. You can order via our website or contact us for info.

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