Sensor Pads for the Elderly

If you work in a care home, or are caring for an elderly relative, it can be difficult to keep track of where your patient is at all times without invading their privacy. Sensor pads offer an ideal solution and can alert you as soon as your patient moves from their bed, wheelchair, or bathroom facilities.

Here at Parkside Healthcare, we stock a range of sensor pads for the elderly, which can be easily fitted onto your patient or relative’s furniture. You can easily attach your sensor pad to a bed, chair, or other furniture. The sensor, which also provides comfortable padding for your patient to lie or sit on, then works by setting off an alarm whenever it detects that weight has been removed from it. The alarm is then connected to a device, which you can keep with you. This helps you to immediately assist your patient in the event that they fall from their beds or chairs, or simply go for a wander.

Everyday sensors for ultimate safety

If you’re looking to protect your patient or relative, our sensor pads for the elderly have almost every room covered. Our bed pressure sensor can be discretely fitted onto a bed, sitting comfortably under bedsheets. We also stock a chair pressure sensor alarm pad, which can be fitted to a regular chair or wheelchair, and immediately alerts you that the patient has got up. This alarm can be triggered locally or remotely, meaning that you don’t have to be in the next room for it to work – you could potentially be a larger distance from your patient.

Our floor mat alarm system is designed to be placed in the doorway to your patient’s private room, or to the whole building. It detects when weight is applied to it, thus alerting you that the patient is leaving through the door. Finally, our toilet sensor can be easily fitted to your toilet and can alert you if the patient gets up or falls.

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