Portable Mini Shower for Bedridden Patients

Portable Mini Shower for Bedridden Patients

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Mini Shower from Parkside Healthcare

The miniShower, is an ideal Health Care product, offering improved patient care and hygiene support for bedridden patients.

The innovative miniSHOWER.pro not only improves the overall hygiene of patients, but also enhances their comfort and dignity during what can often be a challenging and vulnerable time.

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Portable Mini Shower from Parkside Healthcare

Portable Mini Shower for Home, in Health Institutions and Home Care

Despite the advancements in technology and the rise of Ai, the process of washing bedridden patients with basins and swabs remains largely unchanged welcome to the miniShower, an ideal Health Care product, offering improved patient care and hygiene support for bedridden patients.

The innovative Portable Mini Shower not only improves the overall hygiene of patients, but also enhances their comfort and dignity during what can often be a challenging and vulnerable time.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, it is important to embrace new technologies that can improve patient care and enhance the quality of life for those in need.

The Mini Shower can be carried by healthcare professionals as a patient care and hygiene solution to ensure bedridden patients remain hygienic and refreshed.

In addition, new Parkside Healthcare have to improved the ability of the Caregiver and reduce their efforts in the daily dedication to the patient care.

The Mini Shower Is  Designed for easily use at Home, in Health Institutions and Home Care.

✤ miniSHOWER hygiene system provides abundant soap suds that cleanses the skin, or hair, effectively and thoroughly, and leaves no residue, does not pollute, does not use dirty sponges or basins, and avoids cross-infection as it does not disperse dirt on the patient’s skin.

✤ The mini SHOWER hygiene system atomizes thousands and thousands of hyperfine drops of water that penetrate the microscopic cracks in the skin, providing maximum hygiene and deep and effective cleaning.

✤ The hyperfine water drags dirt from the skin and naturally and deeply cleanses the pores and epidermis, with the help of soap foam.

✤ The patient in bed notices a comfortable and pleasant tingling on the skin when receiving a genuine and authentic shower, as if were in the shower at home.

The Advantages of The Portable Mini Shower

The advantages of miniSHOWER hygiene system in bed with the hyperfine water atomizer that rinses and removes soap and dirt from patient’s skin

Saves Caregivers the tedious and tiring task of repeatedly manually soapingwashing and rinsing the patient with dirty or germy sponges, and avoids the use of basins with contaminated water.
Protects, respects and avoids damaging the patient’s skin since the use of sponges is not necessary and no waste or contaminants are generated.
✤ Provides cleanliness, convenience and comfort, and improves hygiene and patient well-being.
✤ The mini SHOWER hygiene system in bed is the most ecological and sustainable on the market and consumes less clean water to provide a complete shower or hair washing to patient’s in bed.
✤ mini SHOWER hygiene system in bed is quick and easy to implement, and no prior installation of any kind is required.
✤ The mini SHOWER devices are portable, does not take up space, are light and can be used anywhere and in small spaces, and does not require specialised personnel.

Mini Shower for Bedridden Patients

Hygiene in bed is more comfortable and pleasant for patient's and easier and effortless for Caregivers.

With the different accessories of the miniSHOWER hygiene system in bed, the work of Caregiver's is facilitated during the tasks of showering the bedridden patients:

✤ the Soap Foam automatic and portable Dispenser for easy lathering of patient's skin

✤ the hyperfine water sprayer, to rinse off soap & dirt residues and thoroughly hydrate the skin

✤ the giant 90x200 cm underpad to protect the mattress and bedding during showering

✤ the unique liquid soap that produces abundant lather on patient's skin or hair, although any commercial liquid soap can be used

✤ the inflatable wash-head basinhelps to wash the hair of patien's with less work for the Caregiver

✤ the set of 15 special towels to dry the patient's skin with soft touches after the shower

Mini Shower✤ the mini bedpan, which helps Caregiver to perform better hygiene of the pubic / genital / anal areas

Hygiene Innovation The Mini Shower

The advantages of miniSHOWER hygiene system with the soap foam automatic and portable dispenser

✤ Our exclusive dispenser turns liquid soap into a creamy and consistent foam that facilitates skin deep cleansing.


✤ Helps to reduce Caregiver time devoted on hygiene tasks to bedridden patients, also it can be used with just one or two Caregivers.


✤ Avoid rubbing the patient's skin with sponges that contaminate and drag and disperse dirt or germs from one area of the body to another, thus avoiding skin cross-infections.


✤ Cleanses the patients skin, eliminates germs and bad odors, and prevents infections and diseases.


✤ Eliminates microorganisms, body secretions, excretions, waste and dead skin cells.


✤ By converting liquid soap into soap foam, a large amount of soap is saved, so it is more respectful with the environment since it is not wasted uselessly.


✤ The system makes it easy for the Caregiver to wash patient's head comfortably, easily and quickly, the hair can be washed with less than 1 L of water, and it uses very little soap that removes excess oil from the skin and of hair roots.

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