AliMed® Palm Guard™ Splint

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AliMed® Palm Guard™ Splint Severe finger flexion contracture and digging fingernails leave you with a disaster in the palm of your hand. Fortunately, AliMed’s Palm Guard offers an effective line of defense for those patients who cannot be splinted because their contractures are too severe and unyielding. Soft webbing contours to the distortions and angulations that can result from severe finger contracture, helping reduce the risk of skin irritation from involuntary motion.
Made from a laminate of tough, smooth-skinned, AliPlast™, a dense, waterproof foam, and synthetic fleece. The fleece rests against the palmar tissue to cushion and aerate. The AliPlast faces outward and resists fingernail puncture and cushions the excessive pressure on the fingertips. Machine washable. Box of 3. 

One size. Left or Right not interchangeable. Trim with scissors to fit very small hands.

  1. Double over and apply flat for palmar protection for extreme contracture
  2. Roll into a cone-like shape to lift and hold fingers away from the palm