Omron M6 Blood Pressure Meter

Omron M6 Blood Pressure Meter



• Clinically validated: to verify validations,
• Intellisense Technology
• Irregular heartbeat detector
• Cuff Position Detection
• Cuff: Moulded comfort cuff 22-42 cm
• Memory measurement: 100 for 2 users
• Movement detector
• Blood pressure light indicator: signal in case the values exceed the E.H.S. standards for domiciliary auto-measurements (85 systolic pressure and/or 135 diastolic pressure)
• Average 3 last measurements: average of 3 last measurements made in a 10 min period of time
• Morning hypertension
• Intelli Wrap Technology: 360 ° accuracy (accurate measurements from any position around the upper arm)

The Intellisense™ technology ensures that the right inflation pressure is automatically detected. It detects irregular pulses and decides fully automatically if the measurement result

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The M6 is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor and therefore easy to use.

This blood pressure monitor is equipped with a Comfort Cuff cuff. This is a preformed cuff of 22-42 cm. The Omron M6 has a cuff control system, which checks whether the cuff is correctly positioned. The M6 Comfort has a so-called Dual Sensor system so that the measurement is certainly correct. The Intellisense technology ensures that the inflation pressure is never higher than necessary for a correct measurement.

The M6  has an extra large display on which the blood pressure values ​​and heart rate are displayed simultaneously. In the event of any error messages due to irregular heartbeat or movement during measurement, this is indicated on the display.


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