Pain Doc / Uri Doc

Pain Doc / Uri Doc


PANDOC™/URIDOC™ is a low-cost non-invasive device for the treatment of urinary retention, urinary hesitancy, nocturia.and helps to relieve stress of muscles.The vibration and electric stimulation create a response in aching and painful muscles, which contract and relax rhythmically.

The device sends electronic stimulation signals to the bladder and the nerves surrounding it through four electrodes placed on the abdomen and enables five different modes of operation.

PANDOC™/URIDOC™ can be applied to other parts of the body with the therapeutic effect of a manual massage bringing pain relief to the muscle groups at the location where the device is applied. PANDOC™/URIDOC™ can be used for sore muscles, joint aches, back pains and for muscle relaxation of stiff muscles.

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URIDOC™/PANDOC™ sends various patterns of electric pulses to your muscles through four electrodes located in front of the device. Muscles respond to the pulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically. Contraction and relaxation of the muscles result in soothing massage sensations similar to those given by a massage specialist.  Soft vibration is added to ease the feeling of the pulses.        The motion of URIDOC™/PANDOC™ works on the muscles surrounding the bladder, stimulates it and helps emptying it.


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