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GUMDOC Baby Teething Massager

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GUMDOC™ is a massager made to help your baby through the period of teething and to relieve the pain that comes with it. The GUMDOC™, a baby teething pain relief massager provides the baby with a friendly and safe device to chew and bite to reduce the feeling of pain.
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Product Description
What is Teething?

A natural process in which an infant gets their first milk teeth, teething is usually celebrated by the parents by clicking pictures and adding the date and pictures in the baby book. Somewhere between 2 to 12 months, a baby starts teething.

Every baby is different and hence, their teething occurs differently. An early developer may get its first teeth in about 3 months, whereas a late bloomer might have to wait for 12 months or more. Nevertheless, there are rare cases in which a baby’s first tooth is visible at birth. Teeth always arrive in pairs. The first 10 teeth appear between six to nine months and this period, when teeth cut through the gums, is very painful period for the baby.

The first “milk” teeth that arrive initially are the two teeth in the bottom center of the mouth, pursued by the two teeth in the top center. The pattern goes outward with lateral incisors, followed by the first molars.

Teething is painful and is accompanied by teething symptoms such as swelling of the gums.It is during this period that babies may chew on their toys or bite their own fingers to relieve the pain. While some teething babies get irritable and get a lack of appetite, others don’t feel a thing and just be their joyous self. Every tooth takes about 3-4 days to break through the gums.

The best and most common teething remedy is chewing. The act of chewing helps to relieve the discomfort and pain that occurs with teeth pushing out from the gums. Chewing on various toys, or teething massagers like gumdoc can also help the pain by massaging the swelled gums.

Teething Remedies


Teething babies chew and bite a lot and there is a reason behind it. Chewing action produces counter-pressure and helps to relieve the discomfort. While babies generally start to chew the plastic toys themselves, chewing is more effective when the chewing object is cold. Cold chewing makes the gums go numb and provide a short relief from the ache. Make sure you have a big supply of teething toys or cold washcloths in the fridge (not in the freezer.)

Soft Massage

If the tooth has not yet erupted or the gums haven’t been bruised, massage and friction can work wonders. Though, your baby might resist in the beginning, massage his or her cheeks and chin softly. You can even rub the gums softly with a clean finger.


Unique teething devices such as Gumdoc relieves the teething baby from all the aches and discomfort. It provides the baby with a friendly and safe device to chew and bite to reduce the feeling of pain of teething. Gumdoc also sends vibration to open the Eustachion tube to prevent ear infections and blockages. The Gumdoc’s head can be replaced to be used as per baby preference for more than one baby, or when it wears out.


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