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Eardoc Medical Device - Parkside Healthcare Supplies

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Eardoc medical device for proven and effective non-invasive pain relief for earache. We are one of the leading Eardoc suppliers, call +44 (0)161 795 2792
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Product Description

About 75% of children up to age four suffer from earache caused by the accumulation of liquids and air in the middle ear.

Swimmers, divers and air travelers also suffer from the same problem. The EARDOC is an efficient & proved non-invasive device that reduces the ear pain by treating the problem rather than the symptom. The eardoc significantly reduces the need for ear tube surgery (Myringotomy) by naturally opening the closed Ear tube and drying the trapped fluids.

  • Eardoc is safe to use for pain with or without antibiotics.
  • Eardoc is safe to use in conjunction with other OTC/Rx analgesics.
  • Will cause no known drug interactions. Will cause no known side effects.
  • Eardoc is safe and effective for all ages when used a

Customer reviews

Wow! This thing is great! For the past week I have suffered from a painful earache. An area in my right ear had developed a pimple or small abscess. At the pharmacy in my neighborhood, I saw the your counter display of EARDOC. I bought it. Whoa! This thing is great! To use one of my "native" expressions, "It's better than sliced bread." I used it last night for the recommended time and this morning, the pain is practically gone. Thanks for the EARDOC. I'm so happy I have one now. Congratulations on a wonderfully conceived product.

Robert Schulman

Used by all the family! In addition to using it on my six year old, My husband also says that it does relieve the congested feeling he gets in his ears from sinus allergies.

Mother to a 6 years old- United States

Nothing seemed to help until I tried EARDOC. I started using the EARDOC on my son as an alternative to ear tube surgery for the second time. I have tried everything from special vitamins to an air purifier for his room. Nothing seemed to help until I tried the EARDOC. Just took him to the doctor today and for the first time in 3 months he has no ear infections and even better no fluid at all in his ears. I am so thankful to whoever invented this!

Mother to a 5 years old child- United States

The EARDOC works great! I have had a problem with fluid in my ear for years. It's not an infection, and so the doctors didn't have anything to suggest. The Eardoc works great!

49 years old- United States

THANKS again for making it! I'm 73 years old and have ordered 4 Eardocs for myself. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread...

Bobby Hayes

Using the EARDOC I can relieve the pressure! At age 54 I still have Eustachian tube blockage. Using the EARDOC I can relieve the pressure without medication.


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