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Bed Prism Glasses

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Our bed prism glasses allow you to comfortably enjoy your favorite TV shows, magazines or books whilst lying flat in bed. Call us on +44 (0)161 795 2792
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Product Description

Now you can comfortably enjoy your favorite TV programs, magazines and books while lying flat in bed. These lightweight angled prism glasses feature brilliant optical quality and are the same glasses that Jack Nicholson wore to watch TV while lying on his back in the movie "The Bucket List". The lenses change your normal line of sight without any distortion. You can be flat on your back and still enjoy reading and TV as though you were looking straight ahead.
These prism glasses are also recommended for use during MRI scans where wearing these special angled glasses gives you the feeling that you are in a less confined space to ease feelings of claustrophobia. They even work well over prescription glasses.

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