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Restlesness and Agitation

Individuals with Alzheimer`s Disease often become agitated , especially during the early evening hours, this is known  as "sundowning". To help manage agitation , keep distractions to a minimum, and keep the noise down. Provide opportunities for activity and exercise, such as  folding towels, games, ...... Activity Aprons or Pillows  offer familiar activities to keep hands and minds occupied.                 

Geriatric Sensory Stimulation

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Geriatric Sensory Stimulation

Geriatric Sensory Stimulation •For tactile and visual stimulation •Builds...

Sensory Stimulator Gel Pad

SkiL-Care™ Sensory Stimulator Gel Pad Keeps your Alzheimer’s...

Gel-Top Sensory Stimulator Tray

The tray features soothing water-based gel filled with moving...

Vibrator  Mitt

This mitt provides a soft vibrating massage for relaxation...

Happy Hands Overlay

To Provide opportunities for activity and exercise to keep...

Activity Pillow

• Rests comfortably on lap • Designed specially for Alzheimer's...

Discovery Apron

Keeps Hands busy and diverts negative behavior

Be Active With Games (BAG)

A great set of activities designed to help those with memory...

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