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A new innovative concept: simple, effective and always available....

Wrist Oximeter

Wrist Oximeter available for home and clinical for LONG...

7-Day  Medi Planner


Tri ball Spirometer

The respiratory exerciser to help patients to recover normal...

Throat Scope

Throat Scope®...


A small, handy, Lightweight Nebuliser for the treatment...

Prevention for High Risk Pressure Sore

This seat cushion ranges from Gel to Foam Cushions designed...

Prevention for High to Very High Pressure Sore Risk

These seats & cushions ranges from Gel to Foam Cushions...

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    Parkside Healthcare is a leading supplier of high quality Medical Equipment to healthcare professionals and for home use.
    We supply a wide range of daily living aids including portable nebulisers, Tens machines, pain relief devices, pedal exerciser, lightweight wheelchairs, hip protector, blood pressure alarms, pressure sensor alarms, thermometers and hay fever treatment as well as equipment for medical professionals including stethoscopes, doctor's bags, hospital furniture, IV drip stands and much more.We welcome all enquiries both retail and wholesale. Please Contact us to enquire further.
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